Paul Daugherty was a favorite sportswriter for Lee

Lee frequently quoted topics that Paul Daugherty, sportswriter for The Enquirer, addressed.The story below is “classic Lee Davis” – when you feel passionately about a subject, write your thoughts down and consider sharing them.

Paul Daughterty’s 7/6/2016 article on The Kid Down the Hall (KDtH) brought back a wonderful memory. Lee told of how the KDtH stories caught his attention. Paul had written a KDtH story and then soon thereafter an article about taking a trip by himself to “get away from it all.” As I remember Lee telling it, he wrote Paul a note commending Paul on the great sportswriting and wondering – as a dad of two boys himself – ‘if taking the KDtH on one of your next “get away from it all” trips would be worthwhile.’ It’s great to see, based on the 7/6/2016 article (listed below,) that Paul’s wife and Lee shared that sentiment and that Paul has been continuing this trip with his son for 16 years and that the trips are heirlooms. May Paul’s experience with Kelly impact many other dads (and moms) to similar behaviors!

Here’s a sampling of Paul Daugherty articles