Panera Boys singing Happy Birthday to Leland in 2015 (thanks Scott S.!)

Tim’s Dream: with his dad (Leland) a principal player (about 2 years after Lee’s death)

Pictures relating to Lee’s life from various sources

Joyful Noise Boys singing with Lee on March 26, 2016 at Hospice of Cincinnati

UC singing group “The Tobies” photo with MWPC’s own Lee Davis (second from the right) and Merle Nethero (far left). The guys got paid for their singing and they performed at various local venues. Word is that they sometimes didn’t clean up their broken glass after a performance – ask Merle about this one…

Classic Lee Davis – Paul Daugherty was a favorite sportswriter of Lee’s, prompting a letter about “The Kid Down the Hall”

HERE is Lee’s biographical 1-pager of his 32 year-old self