Tim’s Dream – with his dad (Leland) a principal player

Here is the dream…

I am outside-I think on the Lawn at the University. Dad appeared seemingly out of nowhere. He looked unspeakably healthy. His age looked somewhere in his prime-maybe 65 years old? He looked so handsome. Toned. Great color. He was so profoundly grounded. Radiant. Confident. He looks so content and happy. He was happy to see me too, but not overly elated. Something in his demeanor conveyed to me that he felt like he really hasn’t been all that gone from my life. He somehow conveyed that he didn’t quite understand why I was so happy to see him because nothing really had changed much since he died. He seemed really happy to see me but it seemed like it was more because it made ME so happy. I put my arms around him and buried my face in his chest. He put his arms around me and hugged me. The side of my face contoured is chest just perfectly. I just hugged him and hugged him and he let me hug him as long as I wanted to. He smiled the whole time. For me, that seemingly endless hug was a full body physical experience. It didn’t feel dream-like at all. It felt incredibly real. When I woke up I still felt the physicalness of that hug. I felt it from my calves was all the way up to my shoulders. I felt it in my muscles – like it feels after an incredible workout or after you feel so happy that you’re exhausted. It was an incredibly and completely satisfying experience for me. I really felt like I had physically hugged him. Even as I’m writing this a few weeks later, my longing to be with him still feels a little bit satisfied.

I didn’t realize until writing this that neither of us spoke in this dream. It was all spirit. It was all heart. Pure connection. Pure love.

NOTE: Tim had this dream in March 2018, about 22 months after his dear dad’s death